automatic sweep

Flat white microfiber cloths are v103 contest page ideal for attracting dust and dirt while dry sweeping.
In a sweep program, a bank's computers analyze customer use of checkable deposits and "sweep" funds into money market deposit accounts.Mint's specially designed microfiber cloths can be re-washed and re-used hundreds of times.With the changes of regulations on checking accounts, some banking institutions also offer high interest rates on amounts over certain balances.The easy-to-use controls (see larger image ).Wet cleaning with microfibers is safe for sealed floor surfaces including tile, vinyl, laminate and sealed hardwood.Additionally, the basic structure of the central asset account involves the addition of an automatic sweep to the traditional cash brokerage account, plus other features as well.Disposable pre-moistened cloths are usually safe for the same floor types, but always check the package to make sure they are safe for your floor type.Many brokerages or banking institutions charge flat fees, while others charge a percentage of the yield.Sweep accounts, whether for business or personal use, provide a way to ensure money is not sitting idly in a low interest account when it could be earning higher interest rates in better liquid cash investment vehicles.Tumble dry low or air dry.That said, sweep accounts were originally devised to get around a government regulation that limited banks from offering interest on commercial checking accounts.The dry (above) and wet (below) microfiber cleaning cloths (see larger image ).This has accelerated the push towards targeting the sweeps to banking accounts offered in-house.What's in the Box.Funds are automatically deducted from the interest-bearing linked account when they are needed as payment for securities purchases, checks, and credit card-debit card-ATM card transactions.Sweeps for Individuals, sweep accounts for individual investors are typically used by brokerages to park money waiting to be reinvested such as dividends, incoming cash deposits and money from sell orders.Specifically, the NorthStar Cube projects a signal that Mint uses to determine its location.Instead, the journal entries to create these sweeps often are calculated and entered manually by brokerage staff, typically sales assistants, at the close of each month.That way, the customer deposits could supply working capital, reduce the need for higher cost commercial paper or long-term debt as sources of funding, a second-best alternative to free credits.To spare the client and the financial advisor the inconvenience and costs associated with manual withdrawals of funds (especially if the client is to be given a check for deposit elsewhere, such as in a fund an automatic sweep of funds into an interest-bearing account.This is a convenience for the client, relieving him or her of the need to enter separate instructions each time a transfer of funds is required or desired, or to write and deposit checks.
Different cloths have been developed to optimize both sweeping and mopping.