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Not a big deal when you have to pack books, but fuck those Skylanders video game action figures, and the oddball sized shit people buy from Amazon.To make matters worse, the management is very "dog eat dog" with people trying to out do each other in eating contest games online free metrics, kissing ass, and trying their best to out perform all the other associates.The orangutan immediately took off the skates and crawled to its owner, so a full test couldnt be completed, and the team scrapped the idea.Some of the basic tasks are pretty mindless, but if you can accomplish them accurately and within the defined rate, than they trust you with some of the more in depth tasks.Both agreed to give the other.5 percent of the profits of their respective films.I also write New Super-Man (about the Chinese Superman) for DC Comics.Also, once we reached 1000hrs, we would be fired.The company doesn't care.Finally it wasn't all bad, if you had to call out, you just dialed a random number and left a message.Lucas thought his ramshackle space movie wouldnt make back its budget, and he knew his friends new movie would break box office records just like Jaws had done, so he offered Spielberg a friendly wager.I did my job with a smile but was left with a very bad taste in my mouth by managers who didn't care about me or others who were busting their butts to make sure their metrics were being met and that products were being.
Management pushed the idea of becoming full time Amazon employees, but after the holiday season temp employees were fired en masse, and full timers were put on reduced hours.